1.Who can become a private detective in Lithuania?

The requirements for the private detective are set in the Law of Private Detective Activity, in Article 6. The law states:

1. The person, seeking to become a private detective, must:

1) have no less than law degree in the university of applied sciences;

2) have a certificate showing graduation of private detectives courses or to have no less than 2 years professional experience in the law enforcement, or intelligence institutions;

3) pass the qualifying private detective exam;

4) have irreproachable character .

2. The person who works in the law enforcement or intelligence institutions cannot become a private detective.


2. Does the company have a right to provide detective services for the people?

In the Law on Private Detective Activity, Article 13 is stated, that

private detectives can act:

1) individually;

2) as a group of private detectives not creating a legal person;

3) establishing a legal person – private detective partnership.

In the same law, Article 18, is stated, that a partner in the private detective partnership could be only private detective.


3. What topics are covered in the private detective qualification exam?

The content of the private detective qualification exam is formed from the topics set in the private detective training program.


4. Does a private detective has the same rights as police officer?

No, private detective has no more rights as usual person in the state, even less. The list of the rights is set in the Law on Private Detective Activity.


5. How to know whether the person, offering private detective services, is acting legally?

Legally acting private detective must keep with himself a certificate of private detective, and its number must be written when setting an agreement of private detective services.


6. How to choose a proper detective?

Choosing a detective depends on the services needed. It is very important to check whether the private detective has competence to give certain services. If you are having difficulties in choosing a proper detective in Lithuania, you can always contact Lithuanian Private Detectives Association and we will be ready to help.