About Association

Lithuanian private detective association was established in 2015. The main reason for the creation of the association was the new Lithuanian law regulating the activities of the private detectives. This law came into force on the year 2016.

dr.Mindaugas Bilius was elected as first president of the Lithuanian private detectives association .


The main area of the Association activities is:

  • Acting in the whole territory of the Lithuania, to unify and represent Lithuanian private detectives, develop their interests according to the approved programs of the Association;
  • To represent interests of Lithuanian private detectives in the legislation process, represent them in the public institutions, international organizations, seeking effective and clear regulation of the private detectives activities;
  • To prepare and propose various projects of the legal acts dealing with private detectives activities;
  • To share information about the activity of the private detectives, organize training or  courses, to establish and offer stipends, to take care of the improvement of the private detectives qualification and better reputation;
  • To establish standards of conduct of the private detectives, to enact code of ethics and other documents which leads to the transparent and honest services, and to ensure its abidance;
  • To seek and implement self-government of the private detectives, coordinate its professional activity;
  • To collect and store information about the professional activity of the private detectives, to evaluate and share it;
  • To explain and inform society about the private detectives activities, protection of the private life, usable methods, various innovations;
  • To collaborate with funds, organizations, clubs, companies or separate persons in the whole world, which could grant Association for the implementations of its tasks;
  • To establish a library of written and electronic resources, registry, data storage, to collect literature, audio and video data, other information, which is useful for the performance of the Association or its members activities;
  • To help members of the Association when performing its private detective activity giving them methodological, consulting and other lawful help.